Golf Sponsorship

The success of TCIG, built on a formula to establish successful partnerships and based on attention to relationship, is guaranteed to keep growing.

TCIG has always maintained a strong focus on the future given that its origin and vision was to create an economic foundation for shareholders and First Nation generations to follow. We've made long term investments to guarantee stability and prosperity for many years to come. The TCIG family is committed to excellence, consistent implementation of proven business principles and practices, and wise management and stewardship of corporate assets with an emphasis on stable long term growth.

TCIG demonstrates how it is possible and optimal for First Nations businesses to integrate traditional concepts with contemporary business practices. With that philosophy in mind, the 7 Tribal Councils have provided profound wisdom by maintaining the vision of the ancient teaching of seven generations to come. TCIG incorporates this integral philosophy into its' business decisions.

TCIG believes that we must know our history to know our future and it is this belief that is one of the cornerstones of our foundation. Our company has a highly diversified group of investments and holdings that have been built by an adherence to strong business practices, dedication and a commitment to being an active participant in the mainstream economy.

TCIG's goal is to generate wealth to support activities by our people and communities. Our family of companies embrace this mandate and strive to not only accomplish this goal but to surpass it. The momentum of our success continues and our belief is that there are a myriad of opportunities before us to ensure our growth. The board and management look forward to adding profitable companies to the TCIG portfolio.