The Spirit Healthcare Group is a business model serving First Nations with medical/health products. All Spirit Healthcare Group products and services are geared to enhance the health and overall well-being of First Nations people. They range from prescription fulfillment and delivery to a line of Spirit products like the Spirit diabetes meter.

The goal of the Spirit Healthcare Group of companies is to repatriate some of the profits that large pharmaceutical companies have been generating from First Nations for decades and invest it in improving and equalising the expected health outcomes for future generations. To find out more please visit

The Spirit Healthcare Group is concentrated on First Nations health and wellness. Our subsidiaries include:

Spirit Pharmaceuticals
Producer of the Spirit Meter

Spirit Meter
The very first Indigenous-branded blood glucose meter in Canada, designed to support diabetes management programs in Indigenous communities. The Spirit Meter is a handheld device for people to monitor their blood glucose levels between doctor visits. A share of the Spirit Meter’s profits from test strips go directly to diabetes education and programs.

Spirit Test Strips
Used in conjunction with the Spirit Meter.

SpiritRx Solutions
SpritRx Solutions works with businesses and organizations, helping them to reduce the cost of providing prescription medications under a group benefit plan. Spirit RX delivers pharmaceutical products through central dispensing technology that allows convenient direct shipping to customers at a significantly lower cost. These saving are then passed on to Plan Sponsors and Plan Members.